The Gate Code has been changed on June 25th. Please use the submission form for info or email a request to for more details.

To homeowners and long term renters:

Starting July 1st, 2017 all personal mail (not including packages) will start being returned. Please start the process now of getting a P.O box and getting your mail forwarded to it.

Many homes need pressure washing. The rainy winter has accelerated mildew growth. Driveways, sidewalks, houses, are in need of mildew removal. The HOA will be sending out letters to owners in the next month letting you know of any mildew removal that is needed along with any other CCR violations.

All homes are suppose to have trash enclosures. Many homes do not. Everyone needs to get onboard and get this done. The enclosure can be approved white gate materials or shrubs. Pictures of acceptable enclosures will be posted on site.

Owners should contact the HOA Board if they have any questions or issues with our vendors. Vendors shouldn't be contacted directly. The board will make sure any concerns are addressed with the vendor if deemed necessary.

Any modifications to the exterior of the properties must got through the ARB. This includes painting and landscaping. Please contact or

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Many homeowners in Aviana have received excessive water bills over the last couple months (as have other communities in Polk County). The various explanations from Polk County Utilities have been less than satisfactory and inaccurate. If you have received a much higher than usual water bill, please contact the HOA at The Board is considering options to deal with this on behalf of our owners.  

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To homeowners and long term renters:

Trash will be (Tues) and Recycling (Mon)